STEPHEN ORLICK | Surf and Sand Resort-Laguna Beach Wedding Photography

Surf and Sand Resort-Laguna Beach Wedding Photography

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Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-48Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-48 Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-0Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-0 Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-69Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-69 Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-62Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-62 Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-65Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-65 Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-86Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-86 Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-45Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-45 Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-97Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-97 Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-92Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-92 Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-40Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-40 Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-27Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-27 Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-24Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-24 Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-34Surf_and_sand-Laguna_beach-wedding-34 Michael and Anna met in Palm Desert near a dog park. While walking her dog, Anna told me every time Michael, who she hadn't yet been introduced to, was walking his dog. As they approached each other their dogs would start barking and pulling uncontrollably on their leashes so Anna and Michael never really got a chance to talk. Anna said when she would see Michael walking down the street she would actually try to duck-out and go another way so the dogs wouldn't be all crazy. Michael told me he was always looking at the clock hoping and timing when he walked his dog, hoping Anna would be there. Well something in the stars lined up for Michael and Anna because on one such occasions the dogs were quite calm and allowed him to introduce himself to Anna and strike up a conversation. It was, as they say, animals can sense things. I have to say I'm pretty sure the dogs had a role in this romance.

If you're planning a Laguna beach wedding there's one thing you need to know. If it's a nice day which is in Laguna Beach 360 days of the year especially on a weekend there are a lot of people wanting to be in Laguna Beach. So that means there's a lot of traffic on the only three roads that lead to Laguna Beach. Pacific Coast Highway north and south and Laguna Canyon road. Anna arrived two hours late because she was sitting in traffic coming from the desert on her wedding day. It's really best if you can have your hair and make up done at a hotel or salon in Laguna rather than going to a salon elsewhere. Although I had a limited amount of time to photograph Michael and Anna we made the most of our time and created several beautiful and romantic portraits. Our wedding portrait session began at the Surf and Sand Resort where the couple were staying, which is a very photogenic hotel and a great resort to stay at for a Laguna Beach Wedding. A few years back they totally renovated all the rooms and they are really quite elegant and fresh.

The ceremony and reception was held at "Occasions" located on Pacific Coast Highway in the downtown Laguna Beach area. In the same complex as the cliff restaurant. The view at Occasions Laguna Beach is breath taking. Great venue for your ceremony and reception. Andrew is the GM at Occasions and creates a stellar wedding day experience for discerning couples. Beautiful day in Laguna Beach. Thank you Anna and Michael.


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